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Imayo’s particularities – in order to create genuine articles

At Imayo, we perform all steps from buying the diamonds directly from overseas to design and manufacturing work done in Kyoto. We are particular at each stage, as we pursue the value of genuine articles. Below is a sample of some of the “particularities” that have been passed down in Imayo’s history.

Particular about diamond selection
Imayo has expanded after restarting as a wholesaler of diamonds during the period of confusion after the Second World War, and over the years has built up relationships of trust with vendors overseas. Buying directly overseas cuts out intermediate costs and has the benefit of enabling us to select the best diamonds from a wide choice of all sizes, shapes and colors. It also means that sometimes we are lucky enough to find real bargains items.
We regularly visit the four major diamond trading centers in the world, at Antwerp (Belgium), Mumbai (India), Tel Aviv (Israel) and New York (USA), and are very particular in our buying, only choosing the items that clear Imayo’s own “Diamond Selection Standards.” Imayo is very proud of the “connoisseur judgment” of our highly-experienced veteran buyers.
It is a backbreaking task to check every stone with a loupe, from the large stones down to the small ones, called “melee.” However, as we are particular about the brilliance of the diamonds, this work is always essential. As the buyer looks into the loupe, the first thing they check is the luster of the surface of the diamond itself, which is the source for the diamond’s glistening brilliance. Next, they check the so-called 4Cs (carat, clarity, color, cut), and of these, we consider the cut to be the most important. We only choose the items that have been cut in a way that makes them look bigger, ones that have a symmetry and balance which will capture the light, and ones with a beautiful final polish. These are examples of the “Diamond Selection Standards” that Imayo’s “connoisseur” buyers adhere to.
We are sure that you will understand the special brilliance of our diamonds when you handle and examine them directly. Imayo’s diamonds are sent out to the customers with the confidence of our “connoisseurs.”
Particular about manufacturing
Our workshop is located in the beautiful scenery of Narutaki, Kyoto. The pure air and quiet environment are perfect for jewelry manufacturing, which requires concentration and a minute attention to detail. The craftsmen put their heart into the production of each single item, as they imagine the smiles on the faces of the customers receiving them.
In the past, when we had only just begun manufacturing, the work had to be done by hand from start to finish, without any of the machines that there are now. As the generations of craftsmen have polished their own techniques, they have kept true to the words of our first workshop manager, who said that “we are making products for a hundred years.”
The first job of our craftsmen starts with continuous hitting of the red melted base metal with a hammer. After ten years they have learned all the processes and are at last recognized as a respectable craftsman, although they still have a long way to go before being described as “veterans.”
Nothing can compare with the gentle form, comfortable solidity and overflowing warmth of these products, which are finished by hand by the craftsmen. We have always been one of the first companies to introduce the new technologies of each age, including casting processes, laser processing and CAD for producing molds. However, even though we exploit the benefits of these new technologies, we have always continued to make the most of the special flavor of handcrafting. It goes without saying that the products must be beautiful to look at, but we are also particular about how comfortable they are to wear, and about every other fine detail. We definitely hope that you look at them, try them on, and compare them with others.
Particular about design
“We must maximize the brilliance of the diamonds!”
“How can we draw out the brilliance of the diamonds?”
These are the themes that we demand of the Imayo designers, and they are also the themes that the designers themselves are particular about and pursue. The imagination of the Imayo designers knows no bounds, as they create a wide variety of designs, including beautiful, simple, elegant, gorgeous, unique and individual ones.
Not only concerned with pursuing a beautiful design on paper, the designers consider the brilliance when looked at from all angles, the appearance when worn on a finger, the method for securing the diamond and the fit. They hold repeated discussions with the craftsmen to realize their design. We are particular about all aspects of the process between the conception of the design of each small product right up to their completion. Please experience not just the brilliance of the diamond, but also the particularity of the designs and the brilliance they show from every angle.
While working in historic Kyoto, Imayo’s designers come into contact with the various aspects of traditional culture that remain strong in the city to this day, giving them an excellent opportunity to hone their sensibilities. They work together with the techniques of the craftsmen, in a friendly rivalry, and continually challenge themselves to make ever more interesting products.