Brands | Imayo & Co., Ltd. | 1861 KYOTO

The happiness of finding your own “brilliance.”

An introduction to Imayo’s original and imported brands.

  • kagayoi
  • A blend of traditional Kyoto culture and exquisite artisanry. Kagayoi is a brand that represents timeless beauty, profundity, and a sense of modernity.
    It resonates with the Japanese sense of beauty that radiates from a woman, and brings glamour and grace to any occasion.
  • Bringing color to your life.

    The wedding & anniversary brand ICHAROI brings color to moments of happiness in your life..
  • emo
  • The designer’s brand “emo” is a heartening brilliant jewelry based on the concepts of “emotion” and “modern.”
  • “Giorgio Visconti” provides an Italian flavor in a very simple design. The designs are crafted down to the finest detail, and each piece is hand-made by craftsmen.
  • nu-ve
  • By removing the frame, the original appeal and brilliance of the diamonds themselves are drawn out perfectly, and they continue to give off a “swaying brilliance.”